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Bespoke Web Design

Welcome to Beauvais Design.
Let us put your personal touch on your website.
We specialise in the individual or small and medium business Website Design.
Do not be scared! Please give Pete a call to have a chat and go over your ideas.
We will give you the website that you want at a cost that suits you.

Bi-Lingual Websites ? Multi-Lingual Websites?

If you are looking for a website in both english and french so that you can offer your services or products across both english and french markets. It is not just a simple process of translation but also a process of optimisation for search engines such as google in each separate language. We

What do we do?

discuss and identify your web site requirements
create a website design that looks right for your business
make sure that your content is appropriate
include search engine optimisation
advise on web hosting options
provide you with long term support for you and your website
provide multi-lingual websites if required

Graphic Design and Website Design

Website Design
Search Engine Optimisation

Email Marketing
Social Network Marketing

Graphic Design
Logo Design

Why have a Website?

A website is window on the world for your business, a window that nobody has to walk past or hear about from a friend.
Your website is a window on the internet for your products and services, a window that anybody in the world can find.
Your website will available to somebody who lives next door as well as somebody who lives far away.
Your product or services can easily be found by anybody searching the internet
Your website is a part of your advertising and properly designed and used it is the keystone of your marketing.

Why use a Professional Web Designer?

If you want an individual website
If you want a website visible on tablets and phones
If you want website visible to search engines
If you want accurate website statistics
If you want to build you e-mail marketing
If you want somebody taking a personal interest in the success of your website

Our Speciality Products

We build websites of all products and all services,
but we also have special ability for the following:

On Line Calendar, Bookings and Payments

Estate Agents and Property Rental Agents

Used Car Listings for Garages

Menu and Food Delivery websites

On-Line Stores with on-line payment

How to contact Beauvais Design

Please contact us by email through our contact form
Telephone :
Office : 02 33 91 65 72
International : +33 2 33 91 65 72
Skype : Beauvais50150

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